Spirited acoustic folk with a Russian twist...
Spirited acoustic folk with a Russian twist...


KARA's new album - Some Other Shore - is a diverse and sometimes unexpected collection of songs about escaping and departing from reality; about illusions and delusions, enchantment and seduction... From KARA’s trademark dramatic supernatural romances to more contemporary and mundane tales of drug addiction and of men with cold hearts ruling the world from their HQs in the City... There's plenty of light on the album, too, with tales of magic in the everyday and of treasured memories. Escape with KARA to Some Other Shore! 

KARA's highly acclaimed debut album, Waters So Deep, is a whimsical and haunting collection of mostly self-penned songs, inspired by Russian folklore and more contemporary themes. It takes you on a captivating journey from the quaint towns of Atlantic Canada to the sometimes mean streets of Lille in France, from the mystical Russian north to the far more familiar Isle of Wight. With a unique instrumental line-up featuring a hammered dulcimer, the album is bound to "capture imagination" (Unicorn magazine). Produced by Jason Emberton at Lone Pine Studios in London, the album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and all other digital stores. You can also buy a physical copy from this website.

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