Spirited acoustic folk with a Russian twist...
Spirited acoustic folk with a Russian twist...

Some Other Shore (new album) reviews

Album of the Week on A World of Difference, Trent Sound (30/05/16)
Artist of the Week on Tracey Edges' Sunday Girl, Siren 107.3FM (05/06/16)

Album of the Week on Gary Hazlehurst's Folk Show, Nova FM (05/06/16)
Album of the Week on Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe, Blues & Roots Radio (17/06/16)
Album of the Week
 on Fatea Magazine's Along the Tracks (17/06/16)
Album of the Week on Roots and Shoots with Roger Pettit, Felixstowe Radio (20/06/16)
Album of the Week on Paul Mansell's World Folk Show, Marlow FM (27/08/16)

"A must for any music collection. The tracks are varied and entertaining. Never a chance to get bored. I love it." (Liz Franklin, Radio Teesdale)

"A stunning mix of English music and Russian folklore" (Dai Jeffries, Folking.com)

"A great album, and Daria Kulesh's voice is just... well..." (Mike Harding, The Mike Harding Folk Show)

"Can't get enough of it! 'Some Other Shore' is full of delightful musical arrangements with excellent vocals and instrumentation. It's a star, having tracks that really do make you feel like dancing round whilst taking them in." (Trevor Oxborrow, Argyll FM)

"Beautiful music. Grand, just fabulous!" (Genevieve Tudor, BBC Shropshire)

"A very beautiful voice… Very pretty, very nice indeed" (Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales)

"KARA set the bar pretty high with their debut album... So, have they lived up to their promise? Absolutely! There is a new sophistication and a feeling of cohesion to the music" (Dai Jeffries, R2 (Rock'n'Reel) Magazine, **** stars)

"KARA are without doubt one of the most creative bands around at the moment, you could almost throw their songs onto a canvas and the artistic creation would gradually appear before your eyes. With Kulesh's lush and emotive singing they create atmospheric scenes to rival any special effects team from Hollywood." (Danny Farragher, Folk All - read full review)

"An exceptionally fine and enjoyable album"  (Andy McMillan, Bright Young Folk - read full review)

"A lovely, beautifully produced and recorded album that will probably be in my own top ten at the end of 2016" (Graham Hobbs, Shire Folk)

"Just as stunning as you'd expect from this really quite extraordinary group. I have every faith that this little gathering of interesting and talented people will be huge on the folk scene very shortly!" (Tamsin Rosewell, Radio Warwickshire)

"A fine album by a band that deserve much wider recognition." (Mike Davies, Folking.com - read full review)

"'Some Other Shore' rises superbly to the task. The mix of songs, the changes of style and mood, make every track different but the album holds together as it shows a world which is familiar yet separate… I'm hard pressed to name another band with such an ability to transport the listener not just across space, but time, in the way KARA do... The songs are not just sung, but lived." (Tony Birch, FATEA - read full review)

"KARA have in a relatively short time, established themselves as first-class exponents of their own characterful expression of the multifaceted wonder that is English folk. ‘Some Other Shore’ shows just how far the band has come since their debut album, and just how far they will clearly go.

They fuse and coalesce original and traditional folk with influences reaching in from close and far to create lush, idiosyncratic songs and their latest album ‘Some Other Shore’ overflows with their magic." (Tim Carroll, FolkWords - read full review)

"New this album certainly is; but having said that, it is still unmistakably KARA – for it retains that celebrated, quirky, Russian-English folk fusion that makes it unique... As I expected, a wide variety of style, subject and emotion is represented – and executed superbly. It is a wonderfully crafted album that has been well-thought out – and works so well.
Whether you are a KARA fan; a folk aficionado; or a generally open-minded music lover, you will be very impressed indeed by Some Other Shore, as I was."

(Phil the Music Quill blog - read full review)

"Excellent album... an idiosyncratic but incredibly rich and dream-like sound... The songs vary enormously in rhythm, optimism and tradition and the reach of the vision and image is very far indeed. It manages to be haunting, insightful, and a fine balance between modern and old.
Deeply magical to the ear; it is an accomplished work."

(Peter Taranaski, She Dances in the Mind blog - read full review)

Waters So Deep (debut album) reviews

"KARA are a stunning new British band who should be huge" (Dai Jeffries, R2 Magazine)

"With a growing reputation for their live performances, Hertfordshire quartet KARA nails that reputation with the release of this debut CD that suggests a bright future... they create music that's both hauntingly familiar and refreshingly different... breathe new life into their choice of material... entertaining varied album... Daria Kulesh's crystal vocals... original approach marks them out from the crowd"
(Dave Haslam, R2 (Rock'n'Reel) Magazine, **** stars)

"The four are clearly onto something rather special, especially considering that KARA are a newcomer to the folk scene. Waters So Deep, the band’s début album - with such an interesting and strikingly different combination of instruments and with new, mysterious tales to tell - is already causing a buzz, and it seems set to dazzle listeners far and wide... Certainly a band to keep your ears out for. From foot-stomping tunes to delicate, haunting tales a little less well known, the quartet bring something completely different to folk music as we know it."

(Rebekah Foard, Bright Young Folk - read full review)

"Splendid debut album... a unique and innovative folk quartet... a gem of a collection of songs... folk music with Eastern spice and English zest"

(Mike Ainscoe, FATEA - read full review)

"This is a brilliant debut album"
(Dai Jeffries, Folking.com - read full review)

"Played the CD through twice, thumbs up from the whole family. Very good it is, too. Daria has a wonderful voice. They are a great live band as well."
(David Chamberlain, Acoustic Routes, Dapper FM)


"Best described as Russian, French, English fusion of folk. Very atmospheric album, I was really quite impressed with it."
(Rebekah Findlay, The Folk Show on Bishop FM)

"Hopefully, this debut album will carry KARA a long way... a startling mix of expression... a sound that is entirely distinctive... accordion and dulcimer weave a scintillating tapestry... sensuous vocals" 

(Tim Carroll, FolkWords - read full review)


"Fantastic band. They've got a new album out, beautifully produced album that."
(Brian Player, Acoustic Cafe, broadcast on 8 radio stations in the UK and Canada)


"Thanks so much for the CD, I am playing it at this moment and I think it's brilliant. When I buy CDs of live bands I go to see, I'm often disappointed but not with this, it's spot on! Well done, a great job!"(Robin Mansfield, Cambridge Folk Club)

"The most remarkable thing is to hear someone who is so expert on hammered dulcimer. That was really fantastic. Not something you hear often with folk bands these days"
(Danny MacNamara, The Readifolk Radio Show)

"Just gorgeous. I love the sound of this!" (Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire)


"What a treat it is, some super instrumentals... Wonderful stuff" (Colin MacDonald, Folkal Point, Celtic Music Radio)


"A unique mix of British folk and Russian folk, this CD takes you on quite a journey. Lovely stuff"
(Neil Povey & Chris Giles, Folk is Not a Rude Word)


"Really good voice. Pass the vodka!" (Frank Hennessy, Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Radio Wales)

"Very nice music" (Doug Welch, BBC Radio Kent)

"Amazing" (John Devine, Traditional Irish Music Show with John Devine, Radio Verulam)


"Isn't this splendid!" (Phil Widdows, FolkCast) 

Live performance reviews

"This performance was as perfect as the album" (Phil the Music Quill blog, full review)

"A wonderful evening, with some fantastic songs, beautifully performed" (Pete Bradley for FATEA Magazine, full review)

"Their music is both twist and traditional (...) makes one feel glad to be alive" (Alban Low, Art of Jazz, full review)

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